Kicking off July with two permanent Non-Alcoholic new releases. 

Little WREN!

Representing Boston Brewing Co. & the Great Southern with a new range of Boston Brewing Co. beers in a new and exciting look. The Blue Wren is the Mascot of Denmark WA and Boston Brewing Co and showcased on these new beers. 

Our new line of Little Wren Non-Alcoholic beers are designed to deliver the same flavour and experience of a full-strength beer, but without the alcohol. The Little Wren beers are brewed just like our standard beers, only we limit fermentation to keep the alcohol below 0.5% ABV. While many non-alcoholic craft beers are contract brewed by one of the bigger brewers, our beers are entirely brewed and packaged on site in Denmark WA. These beers are all natural and preservative free. They have been pasteurised to maintain freshness.

We developed these recipes over the course of a year and dozens of trial batches. We wanted to make non-alcoholic beer that meets our high standards, and delivers the satisfaction and refreshment you expect from a great craft beer. There are plenty of reasons to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, and now our range of Little Wren Non-Alcoholic beers makes that decision a little easier.

The Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of Australian and American hops that deliver the same fresh and vibrant flavours you expect from a full-strength Pale Ale. Expect citrus aromas and a full body, with a snappy bitterness and clean finish.

The Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Sour is naturally soured using a special yeast, then raspberry puree is added to give this beer a delightful sweet and sour finish. Aromas of ripe raspberry blend with a tangy finish to make this a very refreshing choice.

We are hard at work developing new flavours for our Little Wren line of non-alcoholic beers. You can expect to see some seasonal offerings released throughout the year.

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