Canning Line

This year has brought big changes to Boston Brewing with addition of brand new CODI counter pressure packaging equipment. Over the winter we installed a state-of-the art canning line from Codi Manufacturing to replace our previous equipment, which will be passed on to a new owner who will get many more good years of service from her.


The new machinery allows us to package beer twice as fast as before, and requires less staff to run it. That leaves our brewing team more time to brew and experiment with new product development! This new equipment automatically removes empty cans from the pallet, fills the cans, and packs them into boxes. Along the way we have quality control checkpoints to ensure the cans are filled properly, the carbonation is correct, the oxygen levels are low, and all packaging has been applied correctly.


The pièce de résistance of our new setup is a tunnel pasteuriser. This equipment gently heats up the cans to a specified temperature in order to kill any microorganisms. This allows us to produce products most small breweries cannot, including smoothie sours, non-alcoholic beer, preservative-free cider, and much more. We are still in the trial phases of developing these products, so you can expect to see some interesting products coming out in 2024!


Installing such a large packaging line comes with plenty of challenges, but in the long run an investment in this kind of equipment means improved quality of all of our beers.



Reid, Head Brewer

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